When I last lived in Houston, 15 years ago, I would typically go riding with a few buddies on Sunday mornings or perhaps all day. We would pick some out in the country destination for breakfast or lunch. The rides and the fellowship were always great.

I bought my current bike last August, but the winter was too cold and wet to get much riding in. I had the bike in the country town where i was living north of Houston as you might know from an earlier blog. I brought it to Houston last Thursday since I will be moving into my condo in a couple of weeks and wanted it here full time. Well, today, I did my first Sunday morning ride in 15 years, and with one of my oldest biker buddies, his wife and his neighbor from Norway. Joe is one of my two closest friends in Houston. We have breakfast every week when I am in Houston.

You talking to me?
This way. Over this way.
I’m just happy to be here!!

The friend from Norway not only rides Harleys but is a bodybuilder as well. How much better can it get. He’s a big cool dude. Really liked him.

Newman’s Bakery. A place one would be likely to find Bill Bennett writing for gs food blog.

Cool bikes outside.


Check out this hidden brake light/tail light.

This guy had tons of money invested in this tricked out motorcycle. And wore his intellect on his helmet. I remember in my cooler days I had a banner on my helmet saying “I live life my way”. I think I might could have done a better job living it someone elses way, but then I would not have been me.

As you can see my “skull” is on my chest, not my tail light. Bet his cost a whole lot more than mine. 🙂

It egan to sprinkle a bit and my friends headed for home. I don’t care much for riding in the rain, so I decided to wait it out and ride some more alone. Here I am waiting for the skies to clear.

Watching trains, bikes, and automobiles. Could not see planes for the clouds. I watched three trains go by before I hit the road again.

On the way back to Houston, I learned again that it is not so bad riding in the rain. I went through two really big storms with lots of rain, but I was all dried out by the time I got back to Houston. Stopped at my favorite Starbucks and got my usual double espresso over ice and a turkey sandwich. All’s well that ends well.

Riding in the rain again is part of my conditioning ride before heading out west in late July. Never know what weather will be encountered. On August 1, 1996, I rode across the Big Horn mountains going from Cody, Wyoming to Sturgis, SD and it was 20 degrees and snowing for 75 miles with no where to stop. That was my worst day or riding ever. Thank goodness, we all made it safely, but it took my almost frost bitten fingers 6 weeks to stop tingling.

















18 thoughts on “SUNDAY MORNINGS PAST

  1. You are becoming a good an enticing writer. Photography is good too. Love the picture of the leg on the table.
    Been on a motorcycle once. A long time ago a cop friend gave me a ride (not the police motorcycle). Scary. Moped’s are more my speed.
    Keep the posts coming!!

    1. I don’t enjoy riding in the rain any more than I enjoy walking in the rain, but just like walking, sometimes it is unavoidable. I was just glad that I was comfortable having to ride in the rain after all these years. Now riding in the snow is a different story. I never want to do that again, but alas, it is possible all summer long while riding in the mountains. You just have to take what comes along. Just like the Camino. Girly pilgrims????????

      1. Most male pilgrims on the Camino have a strong feminine energy.

        You do… taking pictures of flowers, and patting dogs, and having wild boar lie on their backs so you can tickle their tummies…

  2. I’m with Bill on this one. Don’t much like riding with Will on his Harley in the rain, but enjoyed immensely my many walks in the Alaskan rain. Maybe it’s because living in Arizona, I don’t see much of the wet stuff. If I were you, Steve, I would have spent a WHOLE lot of time at that bakery! Smile. Really enjoying your blog, and looking forward to following you to Sturgis. Hugs. Julie

  3. Good training for what is to come. I have ridden in some torrential downpours simply there was no place to go. Just like riding in the snow across the mountains in Wyoming. There was no where to go except straight ahead. Not even a tree to stop under.

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