CP14 Day 4 – hanging out with reprobates…

Our walking buddies.

PGS the Way

Today was always going to be a big day – 34kms. That’s a long way.

Some of us wanted to do the full distance, some opted for a shorter walking day –

Steve & Arlene & Angela – 14kms
Jennifer & Marie & Donna – 20kms
Peter & Julie, Ken & Greg, and myself – 34kms.

For those of us wanting to walk the full stage, it meant we had to return to Barcelos and pick up the Camino from where we left off.

We checked out of the hotel at Bom Jesus early – and by 7:30am we were back at Barcelos and on our way.

Leaving Bom Jesus earlyQuartet at Barcelos

Peter and Julie are experienced walkers, and they set a cracking pace. Ken, walking his first Camino, had no problem keeping up. Greg and I hung back a bit but even so after an hour we’d walked 5.6kms, according to Peter’s Garmin GPS.

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