Wow!! The time is almost on us to head for Spain and walk the 500 mile Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port, FR to Santiago de Compostela. Leaving for Spain on May 13 will be a welcome change from walking the back roads of East Texas where I think I know every cow, horse, and goat, not to mention the dogs that like to walk with me. The thought is exciting and a little daunting, but Jill and I are ready to hit the trail. Since Jill is in California and I am in Texas we have agreed to meet in Madrid Spain. Sounds like a title of a Humphrey Bogart movie to me. Ominous and a little mysterious. Hopefully, I will learn the nuances of blogging before we get to Spain as I want to record the adventure, insights, and sights. Resting with my pal Bubbie on a country walk.



  1. Steve, enjoying your blog and pictures and my husband Joe, my daughter Andrea and myself will leave Monday May 13th for Madrid then onto our starting point in Burgos. My best wishes to you and your wife. I’ve also enjoyed your comments on Bill Bennet’s blog.
    Buen Camino!

    1. Nancy, I remember when you mentioned your timing to Bill. You are from Denver. In fact, my wife, Jill responded to you indicating that we are on the same time table, except I think she missed that you were starting in Burgos. She thought we might meet along the way, but not too likely. I appreciate your comments and as you can see, I am focusing on learning how to blog. Two weeks ago, I had never heard of WordPress. Bill unknowingly had a great influence on me and because of what he is doing, I decided I wanted to do it also. He is my role model. After starting the Camino, I will have a lot more to talk about and more pictures of interest. At this point, I am simply trying to get the blogging experience down so I won’t be learning once on the Camino. As you can see, I have had a few frustrations, but that is just the result of learning something new. Making progress, and the Camino is already at work on me in that I am having to be patient with learning WordPress. Have a great time, and buen Camino.

    1. Wont be long now. Heading back to Houston today. Bubbie is in for a shock after all this country and freedom. He gets a city dog hair cut tomorrow. I will be in for the same shock I imagine.

  2. Too bad you can’t take Bubbie along. He’s already enlightened and it helps to have those kind of people around, even if they are dogs.

  3. That is funny I was just going to suggest to you to go to the nail place. My daughter has been battling a ingrown toe nail for weeks and I took her to get her nails done and the girl popped it right out. No more pain its gone. Those girls are pretty amazing when it comes to cutting out a ingrown toenail

  4. They keep mine in check and I was happily relieved that the doc said just to stick with that. It was the 400 mile test that swayed him. He said if it did not hurt in 400 miles, then he did not want to work on it.

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