Did a short three and one half mile walk this morning. Don’t do long walks every day as it is simply too boring walking along the same ground day after day. Look forward to the Camino where there will be a new adventure around each bend and over each hill. Brisk pace this morning just to get it behind me. Is it necessary to walk 20 miles in training to prove I can walk 20 miles on the Camino. I sure hope not. My mind gives out way before my body. I am looking forward to the physical, mental, and emotional challenges. They say no one completes the Camino unchanged. Wonder how I will change? It is in God’s hands, and I like to think of myself as an open canvas. So paint me.


  1. I will keep your safety, momentum, and metamorphosis in daily prayer! Take llllooottttsssss of pictures, please!

    1. Thanks Susie. Hope by the time we actually leave we will both be expert, well capable at least, in sending lots of pics showing the entire experience in narrative and experience.

    1. Rocky, I see that you are on your second Camino. That’s comforting. Obviously, the first one did not run you off, or should I say walk you off. Looks like you might be a day or two ahead of us. Maybe we will meet along the way. I am following you. Buen Camino

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